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Water Tank Waterproofing in Pakistan

Water Tank Waterproofing in Pakistan

Leaking in water tanks leads to considerable damage which is often discovered very late. When restoring such damage, it is important to mitigate the different types of damages with waterproofing systems which are specifically adapted to the need. The damage analysis reveals if locally limited waterproofing of the leakage is sufficient or if the entire area has to be protected from chemical attack.

Waterproofing for drinking water storage structures and tanks must not only remain watertight for many years, but must also meet all sanitary requirements.

Water tank waterproofing coating is necessary as to protect water tanks or artificial ponds. A Water Tank or an artificial pond is constantly exposed to pressing water.

They need also to withstand a constant battering from the elements and leaking is common after a few years. We offer liquid-applied Polyurethane waterproofing systems with long-term protection for simple, detailed or complicated Water Tank or Artificial Pond structures.

We have a technologically advanced, premium liquid polyurethane waterproofing system that offers easy application, full certifications and most importantly guaranteed long lasting results for water tank lining. It can not only be used for new water tank / pond construction but also for repair or renewal, consisting of different products, depending on the roofs characteristics.

Need of Waterproofing of Water Tanks

Water treatment facilities like sewage treatment plants, sewers and shafts or sewage water tanks made from concrete or masonry are exposed to a variety of stresses. The restoration of such facilities entails waterproofing, concrete repair and concrete protection as well as protection against acids and abrasion. For this a wide range of materials are used.

Our waterproofing services can be used to quickly waterproof small active leakages. Areas with insufficient air circulation like sewer systems develop high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide which leads to the creation of sulphuric acid on the surface of the construction members.

Sulphuric acid is very aggressive, especially against concrete. Thus, you can avail our services on the positive and the negative side, for protection against acids. As an alternative, acid resistant tiles can also be used which are bonded.

Our approach towards waterproofing the watertanks

The waterproofing is applied onto solid and prepared concrete substrates. The primer increases the mechanical resistance of concrete surfaces and immobilizes salts present in the substrate. Smaller areas are repaired easily with our products. Larger areas can be further restored and reprofiled.

In the case of below grade tanks, the external side is waterproofed with a crack bridging waterproofing. For waterproofing as well as for concrete repair, one of our products is used as a primer in order to harden the concrete and prepare the substrate for the repair mortar.

We also provide a homogeneous thermoplastic polyolefin waterproofing membrane for drinking water structures. The product completely complies with the hygienic requirements for potable water surroundings.

The membrane is mechanically fastened which leads to low preparation requirements on the substrate. The substrate must be as smooth as possible and free of edges, depressions, and other defects that can mechanically damage the membrane. Edges must be ground and depressions and holes filled and leveled.

Soil substrates must be excavated down to a solid layer and mechanically compacted. Overlaps are connected by hot air welding, which creates a homogeneous, durable connection.
You may have a retention tank in your building project to help reduce overload on your local storm-water system and also to gain LEED points. As these tanks are below grade, after construction it is very difficult and expensive to go back and do repairs, or to reapply coatings and membranes. Potable water tanks are often above ground and more accessible, but they are large and expensive to repair.

How our solutions are different

Our waterproofing solutions can help you in a number of ways. The waterproofing is inside the concrete – it is protected by the concrete, and it will not get damaged or wash away over time. Unlike membranes and coatings, it does not have to be reapplied. The waterproofing will not harm the water in any way and is safe for drinking water. And hydrophobic waterproofing with us can help extend the life of the structure: as well as waterproofing the concrete, they increase the durability by protecting against corrosion, which would reduce the life of your tank and require expensive repair.

Other protection systems address either waterproofing on corrosion, but not both. Corrosion inhibitors do not reduce water ingress. Rebar coatings reduce rust but do not stop water from getting into the concrete. Permeability reducers and coatings claim to protect against water penetration, but they may actually increase water absorption and do not protect the rebar itself.

Our waterproofing products and services protect your tank in a number of ways. As the amount of water that concrete absorbs is considerably reduced, the concrete is waterproof and also less water and fewer corrosive agents can reach the rebar and cause corrosion. A protective coating formed around the reinforcing steel further protects against corrosion.

Moreover, our waterproofing solutions also help to heal small cracks in concrete, reducing the risk of water penetration. They can be used with coated rebar, supplementary cementitious materials such as fly ash and slag, and coatings and membranes. We also includes industry-leading service and warrant that if it leaks, we’ll fix it.

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