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Exterior paints available in the markets provide decoration only and has only limited thickness, which is not enough to withstand the rain water pressure. So, the paint film ruptures easily and rain water seeps inside the wall.

You need an elastometic waterproof coating which resists rain water. We are proficient at waterproofing walls with our UV resistant coating which does not attract dirt and makes it look new for years to come.

The coating is available in many attractive shades to add beauty to building exteriors. When exterior walls are exposed to rainwater or high humidity, water and moisture can travel through the masonry and affect your internal walls. This means that your walls may stay damp for a long time before drying, which may lead to mold growth and irreparable damage.

There are multiple reasons like rising dampness from high ground water table, cracks through which rain water seeps inside, seepage from adjoining leaking walls of bathroom and kitchen. The current traditional waterproofing methods are not enough to tackle the severe dampness occurring due to these reasons.

We provide a unique& universal waterproofing treatment for severe internal dampness.

You need a specialized treatment to arrest this dampness permanently. You need not break the wall plaster to reach to brick level to waterproof it. It is directly applied by us on damp internal wall by brush and is very easy to use. Due to quick drying technology, the job is done very quickly. This treated wall can be plastered with waterproof leveling plaster to remove the undulations and give a smooth finish.

Need for waterproofing your home walls

External walls are built with masonry to fill the spaces in the RCC frame containing slabs, beams and columns. This lends itself to seepage of rain from the external walls to the interiors. Cracks in plasters lead to water seepage.

If the cracks are small and there is no problem with the structure, we use a flexible crack-filling compound for filling the cracks. This is a ready to use water based acrylic crack filler that seals the cracks.

Plastered surfaces develop cracks due to deterioration of plaster arising out of bad construction practices, inadequate curing, aggressive climatic conditions, etc. You need a mortar, which is dense, cohesive and has waterproofing properties. To get good bonding between new & old plaster surface, use our acrylic bonding agent. While making plaster, add it to impart waterproofing to the plaster. It also reduces the rebounding loss which results in saving in time and material.

Our Approach towards Waterproofing Walls

We provide a series of waterproofing products to help homeowners protect their homes from external moisture. Few of our products include:

  • Concrete waterproofing coating, which is a cement-like product that adheres to concrete and masonry permanently; it can be applied to any surface, including painted walls.
  • Silicate-based concrete sealer, which reacts with the ingredients in masonry and concrete to form a waterproofing coating; this sealer can only be used on unsealed/unpainted walls.
  • Waterproofing paint, which is similar to acrylic wall paint, with the main difference that it delivers better waterproofing performance. It’s very important to choose a breathable formulation that is especially designed to allow walls to breathe and eliminate moisture. The product can be applied to surfaces previously painted.

Use our a silicone based liquid which reacts with the silica in the stone or concrete surfaces to protect the stone cladding from seepage and decoloration. In case of maintenance, you can scrape off the salts appearing on the surface, and reapply the liquid in that place only. This is true for all silicone based water repellents.

How we handle the whole procedure effectively

We choose the best approach towards waterproofing your walls. Therefore we use plaster waterproofing additive to improve aesthetics, make walls more solid, and protect them against moisture ingress. Though most exterior plasters have waterproofing characteristics, we eliminate water infiltration problems and prevent re-occurrence by simply adding a waterproofing admixture to the plaster.

Thus we prepare your walls for waterproofing, to bring your walls in good condition. We use a good-quality filler to repair cracks and patch holes and allow the filler to dry optimally before grinding. Then we sand away rough, uneven areas, remove dust by cleaning the surface with water, and let the walls dry completely to ensure a good adhesion between the waterproofer and the substrate.

After this, we apply the waterproofer, using a roller or a brush for its application. If a second coat is required, we allow the first coat to fully dry and then apply the second coat. Not only this, we use enough product to create an impenetrable barrier against infiltration.

Conducting a water-tightness test is very important to evaluate the effectiveness of the products used for waterproofing exterior walls. For this test, we spray water on the wall surface for a couple of hours, keeping the nozzle at a 30-degree angle. Your home will pass the test only if a moisture meter shows there is no moisture. By waterproofing exterior walls, you’ll not only prevent serious damage but also boost the value of your home.

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