Well Cool, being the best Tiles supplier in Lahore, aims to satisfy your necessities in accordance to your tiling requirements. From wash room tiles, kitchen tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles, porcelain tiles, up to ceramic tiles, we have got everything to facilitate you all. Bringing you one of a kind, quality tile range in an assortment of shapes, colors and sizes, our exclusive ceramic floor and wall tiles are exhibited in a lot of showrooms over Lahore, along with a vast choice of tile settling products and different available accessories with them.

Our porcelain tile panels are the main design solution of their category that can skin both walls and floors in solid and perfect ceramic style, giving the best finishing. We empower you to easily skin both of them to utilize and dress spaces in ways that were unimaginable before in architecture and design of buildings. A consistently developing inventory of architect inspired hues and finishes completely stretches out our flexibility to raise the look of for all the interior spaces, utilizing spaces and flaunting them out in the best possible manner.

What we offer?

We offer the largest and ever developing catalog of Tile panel hues and finishes, numerous to a great degree for the ideal innovative expression to take your design to height and glorify it more than ever. Your project will have much more noteworthy security and performance. Our progressive, invisible covering protects against the energy of light, water, and oxygen to make the best barrier against dirt and contamination.

Regardless of whether interior or exterior, floors and walls stay clean and protected, giving a prevalent experience in any space. You’ll discover our Porcelain Tile Panels favorably introduced on floor, roofs, creating bends and arches, walls and over existing tiles. We move you to discover the breaking points in your next installation. Well Cool is the tile industry’s best known brand. It is all around perceived as synonymous with quality ceramic tiles and symbolizes the best of style and manufacturing in the internal decoration and designing perspective. It was included in our mission and aim to end up noticeably as the best worldwide center point for the production of best in-class and top of the line ceramic tiles, which has grown together with the organization throughout the decades.

Truth be told, we have been responsible for many technical advancements and design innovations in tile industry, some of which have become major turning points in the historical background of present day ceramics, that have made the organization as well as our country a benchmark for the whole tile industry. A successful flair for research and experimentation, the capability to predict and respond to changes and developments in living style, architecture and design, and the prioritization of the environment and  its sustainability, are the factors that enable us ascend to the highest point in tile industry, in Lahore and all over Pakistan, affirming our authority in a unique manner.

How we handle the whole procedure

The security of the staff who work in the plants is another supreme need: we perform consistent checks and keep an eye on health and safety of our employees, rolling out any specialized and authoritative improvements required and enabling employees to attend instructive and educational classes to ensure consistence with the set safety and ecological standards.  We were one of the pioneer organizations to address and work on the requirement for artistic tiles to end up noticeably as an outfitting and building tiles manufacturers and setting the obligation regarding product creation in the hands of driving originators.

The conception and product design is composed and coordinated by the our Style Center, in accordance and cooperation with the specialty units’ deals and marketing administration, under the coordination of the specific Group managements. The exploration procedure comprises of an investigation of the market patterns and buyers’ tastes, proposed to get purchasers’ needs and change them into elaborate features and product specifications. In the meantime, our lab specialists perform different examinations to change the shapes, surfaces, hues,  themes and motifs, thus developing a prototype, which is submitted to the Product Committee that evaluates the entire project and issues the “item card”, a record that indicates the new item’s primary and quantitative attributes, to the next stage in its acknowledgment.

Our Professionalism

Well Cool is amongst the pioneers in the generation of glazed porcelain, ceramic and coated tiles for walls and floors and for private, retail and modern projects. With a wide range of tiles, we have been adding to the glory of tiles, and are always exhibiting our sense of duty regarding the production of earthenware production with highly specialized and expressive values, as portrayed by our top-notch designs and reflected by various international prizes and honors. Our manifestations are the result of innovative work directed in-house, a blend of unique knowledge that gives the basis to yet more interesting materials.

Creations that are developed by merging the innovation of notable technologies with the skill of the art tradition, in total consistence with the most firm and strict benchmarks on the sustainability of both process and products. For us, Quality or more all Quality in Innovation is the backbone of each action that we perform and we convey it deliberately to our own accomplices. It is just through research and development that something special and exclusive can truly be made, as it is through the decision of the materials to be put in the spaces around us that can change our personal satisfaction, living style and life quality.

We are centered around the necessities of the buyers, offering an extraordinary product portfolio as well as a perfect administration level. Sourcing our items all across Lahore and Pakistan, we guarantee that the ever changing demands of the market place are met at the first place We have tremendous involvement in the supply of authority superb business tiles for use in living, retail and modern projects. Thus, we feature the cutting-edge solutions and ideas by utilizing our items in private and business sector.