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4 Types of Flat Roof Coatings in Pakistan

[ad_1] Flat roof coatings come in a variety of different types today. Improvements are being made continually so people no longer have to use the tar of olden days that produced toxic fumes. The ability to waterproof a flat roof is becoming easier as more products appear on the market. Rubber or PVC based, along […]

3 Types of Soffits and Fascia Explained in Pakistan

[ad_1] Soffits and fascia go largely unseen normally on a house and are found in the corners where the roof meets the top of the side wall. The ones that are seen give the house a professional finish. However, they can of course be worn away by the harsh elements outside and you should really […]

What Are The Different Types Of Flashing? in Pakistan

[ad_1] Any project that involves the exterior of the home should include some type of flashing. Flashing is your home’s protection against water leaks and expensive water damage. Flashing is a construction detail that forms a protective seal over joints in a building from any type of water damage. Whenever there is some type of […]

8 Types of Roof Cleaning Products in Pakistan

[ad_1] There are many roof cleaning products on the market. Dirt, debris, soot, staining, pollution, algae, moss and mold frequently cause a roof to become dirty. A clean roof is important for the overall maintenance and appeal of your home. Regular roof maintenance goes a long way to preserve your roof and make it last. […]

Top 4 Least Expensive Types of Roofing Materials in Pakistan

[ad_1] There are many types of roofing materials available on the market today. Some of these roofing materials are very expensive to purchase and maintain while others are very reasonable. You do get what you pay for, but in the end, if the roofing materials are installed correctly, they will still last for over 20 […]

Different Types of Gutter Guards Explained in Pakistan

[ad_1] Gutter guards are designed to prevent the accumulation of twigs, leaves and other materials in the gutter. You need a clean gutter so rainwater or melted snow can freely run through it. There are different types of gutter guards. Here are the most popular ones. 1. Gutter Brush A gutter brush, also known as […]

15 Rooftop Types to Choose From in Pakistan

[ad_1] Which roof will inspire you? Which roof will inspire you? Sometimes a roof is damaged from old age or a bad storm and needs replacing, giving homeowners the opportunity to revamp the entire look of their home. In other cases, people designing their own homes simply don’t know how many options are available to […]
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