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Replacing a Roof Truss with Stick Framing in Pakistan

[ad_1] One of the most common issues people find themselves in when trying to remodel their homes is dealing with roof trusses. In designing a home, contractors often install roof trusses which is a simple way to support the roof design but does not leave any room for modification. If you want to change the […]

Hip Roof Truss Construction: Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] Less common than a standard seam construction pattern, a hip roof truss construction increases your home’s aesthetic appeal and sets it apart from the homes around it. Roof truss building is a difficult process, however, and it is important to understand the process of construction fully before beginning work. Continue reading for an overview […]

How to Measure for a Roof Truss in Pakistan

[ad_1] Installing a roof truss is a serious project that must be performed with great care according to exact specifications. The trusses are important structural units which bear the load of the roof. The size, spacing, and span of the roof trusses must be carefully calculated to hold the weight of roofing materials and accumulated […]

How to Repair a Broken Roof Truss in Pakistan

[ad_1] Although one of the strongest roofing methods to date uses trusses, a broken roof truss can cause great damage to a building and could result in a collapsed roof. This is why regular truss maintenance and repair is pertinent to the health of your roof. Roof trusses are triangular timber frames which are nailed, […]

Stick vs Truss Roof: Pros and Cons in Pakistan

[ad_1] There are two ways to put up a roof, using the stick method or using the roof truss method. Though the stick process is an older process, it is still very popular. Roof trusses have been used in the majority of new homes during recent years. Though they use completely different processes, there are […]

How to Calculate Roof Truss Loads in Pakistan

[ad_1] A roof truss is a triangular wood structure that is engineered to hold up much of the weight of the rest of the roof. The straight lengths of wood (known as members) that make up roof trusses are connected with intersections that distribute the weight evenly down the length of each member. Roof trusses […]

Roof Truss Spacing Made Simple in Pakistan

[ad_1] A roof truss is a structure that is essential for holding up your home’s roof. It is also useful in securing the wall structure in homes with two stories. When building trusses, it is important that you build them correctly, as they form the framework for the top protective layering of your home. Not […]

Parts of a Roof Truss Explained in Pakistan

[ad_1] Before you can use roof truss on a roofing job, you’ll need to know a little bit about this essential construction piece. In simplest terms, a truss is the framed grouping of rafters under your house’s roof. It provides support, which allows for a far wider space between walls that provided by more traditional […]
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