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How to Build a Hip Roof in Pakistan

[ad_1] A hip roof is basically a roof with sloping sides. Like all other building jobs, it requires precision and accuracy to build. However, if some basic guidelines are followed, and appropriate tools are made use of, any building job is somewhat simple. Step 1 – Start Taking Measurements The most crucial and fundamental step […]

How To Build A Sod Roof in Pakistan

[ad_1] A sod roof has become a popular choice as more people attempt to “go green”. This type of roof has been used for centuries and remains one of the simpler techniques to top a house in an energy-efficient manner. It is also aesthetically appealing. This roof lowers the structure’s inside temperature. One important aspect […]

How to Build Eaves for a Gambrel Roof in Pakistan

[ad_1] A gambrel roof or “barn style” roof provides a great way to create extra space in the attic or at the top of the barn. However, pre-cut trusses for a gambrel roof often require that the homeowner build and create their own eaves as this style of roof has very little, if any, overhang. […]

Planning to Build a Flat Concrete Roof in Pakistan

[ad_1] When you’re planning to build a flat concrete roof, there are a number of things you need to consider. Although a flat concrete roof can be wonderful on a house, it’s not suitable for every home. It’s more ideal in areas which experience hurricanes because they can withstand extreme winds, unlike wooden roofs. Planning […]

How to Build a Curved Rafter in Pakistan

[ad_1] There are three main types of curved rafters in roof construction. A tower or conical concave rafter or roof is a modified tall A-frame type rafter system with the curve being towards the inside of the “A”. Elliptical convex is a type of roof with a slightly smaller angle, having the curve towards the […]
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