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Hip Roof Addition Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] Hip roof additions are slightly more complicated to fit than other types of addition. A hipped roof is where all the edges of the roof will slope down and meet each other at approximately the same height. There are a number of common mistakes which people make when planning and building hip roof additions, […]

Hip Roof Truss Construction: Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] Less common than a standard seam construction pattern, a hip roof truss construction increases your home’s aesthetic appeal and sets it apart from the homes around it. Roof truss building is a difficult process, however, and it is important to understand the process of construction fully before beginning work. Continue reading for an overview […]

Cedar Shake Roof Installation: Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] A cedar shake roof is the most popular type of roof covering, and it offers greater insulation when compared with asphalt shingles. It’s also considered to be one of the most long-lasting and attractive of all roof coverings, but mistakes are often made in installing this type of roofing that should be avoided. Some […]

Installing Architectural Roof Shingles: Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] If you want to install architectural roof shingles on your home, then you should know that there are many mistakes you can make that will affect the outcome of your project. If you install your architectural roof shingles wrong, then you may find that you have to rip them all out and start again. […]

Concrete Tile Roof Repair: Five Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] Concrete tile roof repair can be a very challenging process. Although concrete tiled roofs are the most durable type of roof available, they are still likely to break. By avoiding some typical mistakes, you should be able to ensure that your home remains protected from the elements. Replacement Tiles As tile roof repair can […]

Painting Metal Roofing: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] When painting a metal roof, there are common mistakes that novices and even experienced DIYers tend to make. Chief among them is treating the metal like any other roofing material. Metal roofing requires specialized paint. Here are some of the most common mistakes made in painting metal roofs. Mistake 1 – Using Leftover Paint […]

Roof Flashing Repair: 3 Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] One common issue with roofing maintenance is the replacement or repair of what is called roof flashing, or simple flashing. Roof flashing is sheet metal installed at any breaks, joints, or edges on your roof to prevent leaks. Most flashing is composed of aluminum or galvanized metal. This means that roof flashing repair can […]

Green Roof Construction: Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] A green roof is a radical improvement on your home. Properly implemented, it can increase the longevity of your shelter, insulate you from neighborhood noises, support your local ecology, and dramatically reduce your heating and cooling costs. When planning your green roof construction, it’s crucial to know what mistakes to avoid. It’s a major […]

Copper Roofing Repair: Mistakes to Avoid in Pakistan

[ad_1] If you are about to repair your copper roofing, then there are some simple mistakes which are a good idea to avoid. Mistakes can cause serious damage to your home. Whether you are doing a small repair or a major refit, good working practice will help you finish the job correctly. Not Observing Safety […]

Roofers: How To Avoid Roofing Scams in Pakistan

[ad_1] Often times roofing salesman get a bad reputation for taking advantage of people. They’re often compared to car and insurance salesman. Unfortunately high pressure salesmen with a low moral compass abound in our country in a variety of industries. Roofing attracts these individuals simply because there is a decent amount of money to be […]
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