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How to Repair Damaged Plywood on an Asphalt Roof in Pakistan

[ad_1] Your asphalt roof may see plywood damage in the case of extreme weather, such as torrential rain and wind or unexpected snowfall. If shingles get ripped away, the plywood is then exposed to the elements and may need replacing. You may also have experienced a leak and realized that there’s hidden damage. Follow these […]

Roof Moss Removal Tips for Roofs with Asphalt Shingles in Pakistan

[ad_1] Roof moss can be an eye sore and also break down the integrity of asphalt-shingle roofs. There are a few tips for removing moss from asphalt shingles. 1. Scrub Moss consists of various green flowerless plants. They reproduce by spores and prefer moist habitats. They are found in different varieties: club moss, Irish moss, […]

How to Seal Asphalt Roof Shingles in Pakistan

[ad_1] An essential part of the job of installing an asphalt roof is sealing the asphalt roof shingles. Sealing the shingles will help to ensure that they will require less maintenance and be more durable to weather and general wear and tear. Sealants also help to waterproof the structure and preserve the structure and grit […]

How Does Steel Roof Cost Compare to Asphalt? in Pakistan

[ad_1] Steel roofs are more expensive than asphalt roofs in the initial construction, but in the long run, they can potentially reduce energy costs and homeowners insurance. Steel roofs are fireproof, and because they reflect the sun off the roof—especially when painted in light colors—steel roofing can cut cooling costs in warmer climates or summer […]

4 Green Roofing Options to Put Those Asphalt Shingles to Shame in Pakistan

[ad_1] We have all incorporated some green lighting, green cleaning, or green energy into our homes, so why not a green roof? There are a couple reasons why a roof can be considered green, or environmentally friendly. It can be made of recycled materials—like plastic, wood, metal, or rubber—or it can be considered green if […]

DIY Asphalt Shingle Replacement | DoItYourself.com in Pakistan

[ad_1] In the past, when roofs were made of materials like wood or slate, repairing a damaged shingle required an expert who knew how to work with unwieldy materials without causing a major accident. With today’s asphalt shingles, the situation is considerably easier, and anyone with a bit of time and elbow grease can manage […]

How to Lay Asphalt Roll Roofing in Pakistan

[ad_1] One of the cheapest and simplest methods for creating a waterproof roof is to use asphalt roll roofing. Although not recommended for house roofing, it is ideal for sheds and garages that have a pitch at least 16 percent from horizontal. Step 1 – Evaluate and Prepare Roll roofing is not tough material, so […]

How to Properly Dispose of Asphalt Roof Shingles in Pakistan

[ad_1] As your home ages, your roofing will need to be replaced and the old shingles tossed. Asphalt is one of the most common materials for shingles, and as such, millions of tons of them are tossed out every year. However, before generating more waste for your local landfill, consider alternative disposal solutions first. Recycle […]

Protecting and Maintaining Asphalt Roofing Systems From Algae and Moss Growth in Pakistan

[ad_1] Homeowners who are just now getting a first glimpse of their rooftops this winter may notice some dark streaks or discoloration on their shingles. This could be algae growth or moss that may have settled in and began to grow on the roof. While both algae and moss are known to thrive in moist […]
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