Heat Proofing in lahore

Are you looking for the Heat proofing in lahore?

Heatproofing fing chemicals contain earth metals, salts of strontium, barium and calcium. These salts are combined to form a sun reflector or also known as heat proofing chemical. These chemicals are applied when you want to be protected from the heat and want to stay cool. These chemicals have the property to convert any surface into a insulator when it is applied on any kind of surface. This chemical also has another application, it causes the energy consumption to go low because automatically when the heating issues are reduced, energy issues go down. There is minimum energy consumption in the winter.

It has become a drastic among the population that what to do in order to minimize the bills but also keep the house cool. As we all know that in Pakistan, climate stays very dry and hot. It used to rain very much in the past but ever since the development of industries and buildings, rainfall level has decreased to a minimal level. There used to be the bets of rainfall which stayed for weeks but now it is not like that. People get too much happy now when it rains. Even they now that this rain is not going to stay for long. Rain stays for a few days if you consider it being its utmost. And just as it stops, sunlight reappears and with more intensity than before which causes the weather to become even more humid than before. It suffocates people to stay in their houses in such kind of weather.

Pakistan is not economically better than most of the countries and due to which there is much ignorance in this country. Most of the places here are not availed with the facility of education. That’s why most of the population here is uneducated. Though with the development, government has made it easy to get education with the development of government schools. They have set the fees of the schools very minimum so that even the poorer can study. But government has failed to realize that most of the families in Pakistan are really poor and they don’t even have the money to even buy a meal for the next time. How can they save even a penny? That being aside, there are also those who have got education but are still ignorant about the fact that their smallest action has a reaction around them.

There is so much ignorance that I cannot explain. They have forgot that with the development of industries and buildings, pollution is going to increase on its own and they cannot stop the pollution from spreading. What is more that they do not understand that polluting the atmosphere is only going to harm them. Development of industries we can understand but what about dumping their waste in the open? There are chimneys which constantly emit smoke into the open atmosphere and there are industries which continuously throw their waste in the rivers. Oh no, no this is not all. The vehicles that emit smoke are also developed here. There is so much pollution here that it is obvious for heat to rise. If only people paid a little attention to their surroundings then they will understand what they are doing to the atmosphere.

Ozone layer has suffered so much In these past years that it cannot be explained. The holes in it have increased to a great amount and UV rays are passing more and more. It is said that if the pollution did not decrease then there are high chances that we will not be able to see the rain again. You can demonstrate it yourself, just go outside, at 2pm in July. You will know if I am stating the truth or not. Heat stokes are increasing year by year. Even last year, a heat stoke passed killing so many people in its passing. But what does it matter to us? Because we have the took the oath of being ignorant for our whole lives. This is not all, with the increasing pollution, we are cutting trees even more. Our only life-savers which provide us with our life source and we are also against them. But it does not matters to us right?

But even so with the overheating of houses and the mass melting heat, heat resisting chemicals have proved to be the comrades of those who do not want to be overloaded with the bills of AC and also want their houses to stay cool. People have created their own ways to spend the summer but again they also know how they spend their summer. There are lot of ways that can keep your house cool but heat proofing chemical is the best method to keep your cool and heat resistant. There are many ways which can help you keep your house cold. The main thing about your home is the materials of which it is made and if it is made up of the proper materials then it can significantly help in resisting the heat. For example, houses made of stones, bricks and concrete are easier to keep cool than most of the wood made houses as it creates much more humidity in the house. But you cannot easily change the way your house is built now do you? However, the materials applied on the roof also help much in the help of keeping the house cool. And if your roof is not build like to make your house cool then it is more easy to change it than changing the whole house. But making such designed roofs cost you much more. These designed roofs can reflect the sunlight and can keep your house much cool now. But then again it will cost you much more, the less expensive way is that you paint your roof with a light paint color. It will cost you much less than the redesigning of your whole roof.

Another way of keeping your house cool is the proper and complete insulation of the walls and roof. It is much more durable when it’s about cooling your house. There are many houses which have proper attic in them. However, it does not means that you cannot add an insulation by yourself. It is very to apply in the attic of your house. You can apply it on your own but If you are confused on how to do it then you can simply get the help of a proper professional who can help you in such. Applying insulation is the best for those who live in the areas where, there is not much sunlight because insulations fail to cool down your house if you want to be protected from the proper might sunlight.

Then there comes the systems of air conditioning. Using this way, you do not have to do anything by yourself. You do not have to lighten up your walls and don’t have to apply insulation because you just have to press a button on the remote and your house will be cool in a few minutes. You can easily buy the air conditioning system and get it applied in your house. This system is after all the easiest to use and is the most effective. You can change its filters every now and then. You can also service it now and then to make sure it is working properly. There have been made many modifications in the air conditioning system by now. It has arrived in many ways, from fixed to portable. But the biggest problem it has, is the billing problem. Its minimum use causes you to bill more than a month. It’s best for those who have infinite cash and can support it.

Another way to keep your house cool is by the minimum use of oven and stove in the summer or you can fir your stove in the balcony so that there is no heat in the house. It can heat up your house in a very terrible way and for those whose houses do not have the ventilation process have it worse. You can also decrease the use of all the other devices that can produce heat.

There is another way for you to keep your house cool and that is to change how your garden is. You can do this by planting huge trees in your garden. You can plant them near your windows and if you cannot plant trees then apply full blushes. They help in the blockage of sunlight and keep shade on your house. They grow up in such a way to keep your house protected from the endangering rays of sunlight. Other than trees and blushes there are also vines that grow up in such a way to cover up the areas and keep your house cool. They also provide with you the natural coolness.

Then comes the last but not least, heat proofing chemicals that protect your house from the UV rays and keep the temperature inside your house really down. There are many types of rays including UV rays and these chemicals protect the rood as well as the walls of your house from pretty much every kind ray possible. They can be applied to any kind of surface whether it is stone or wood. Its results will not alter. These chemicals have much high strength of bonding than the simple paints and it doesn’t wears off. It is like a barrier to rays, water and dust. It not only protects your house form the rays but also from all kind of damages to the building. These chemicals are rather easy to apply. You just have to make sure the wall is clear from any kind of dirt and then apply the coat before the second coat. But the best thing is that they ae now available in Pakistan. You can now reduce the temperatures of your houses with the help of these chemicals. With the help of these chemicals, you can not only save your money but also the power consumption.

This chemical is like a barrier that is compacted together in the form of small balls so that the resin when applied on the wall can create a tough barrier which will help in the defending of sunrays. It can decrease the temperature of your house so much that you will not have to use the air conditioners to lessen up the heat in your house. These chemicals are the best option in order to be protected from the heat this summer. These are not only affordable but also very easy to apply.

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