Concrete Waterproofing Services in Pakistan

Waterproofing is often a critical part of the design criteria of civil engineering structures and infrastructure.

Concrete is one of most durable man-made materials, but it has one fundamental flaw: as it hardens, concrete becomes porous. It essentially becomes a “hard sponge” that allows water to bleed through the surface, causing damage to the concrete’s chemical composition and steel reinforcement.

We offer a wide range of high performance solutions for concrete waterproofing of substrates both below ground and on floors, roofs and deck areas, providing exceptional protection from the outset.

The coatings provide the equivalent of up to 120mm concrete cover and resist positive and negative water infiltration at pressures up to 10 bar. Able to be applied to damp surfaces, they are ideal for application to ‘green’ concrete and provide years of effective resistance to water ingress, abrasion, chloride ion penetration and aggressive chemicals in areas subject to extreme trafficking.

Our approach towards concrete waterproofing

As well as providing exceptional concrete waterproofing, our cement coatings are extremely user friendly and enable the strictest of health and safety guidelines to be met on site.

With water-based, non-hazardous formulations, they rapidly cure without the release of strong odor or hazardous solvents and can be safely applied in public areas. For deck areas, our coating systems rapidly cure to withstand foot traffic just six hours after application. When used internally as a leveling waterproof layer on damp substrates, resin, sheet vinyl or carpet flooring can be installed without waiting 28 days for concrete to cure.

Furthermore, we offer a simpler and potentially faster and cheaper solution to waterproofing concrete structures. So-called “hydrophobic” or water-resistant concrete takes waterproofing down to the molecular level. Each manufacturer’s technology works a little differently, but the basic approach involves adding special admixtures to standard concrete at the ready-mix plant that react with the water, cement, and aggregate to create a water-repelling composition.

It is important to consider waterproofing provision for concrete decks, balconies and walkways to protect the surface from water ingress. Thus, our products can be installed over existing surfaces if the surface is correctly prepared, or over new surfaces.

Need of concrete waterproofing

To combat water penetration in concrete structures, we typically apply any number of waterproofing methods, depending on the application. The most common approach, especially for below-grade structures constructed beneath the water table, is to line virtually every square inch of concrete with waterproofing membrane. When done right, this method is virtually foolproof. However, the materials and labor can be quite costly, and installation can impact the critical path schedule.

Other than burning down, probably the worst thing that can happen to a residential structure is a foundation problem. The foundation is literally what the house is built on, what keeps the building where it was built, transferring the dead loads and the live loads into the ground.

The source of the vast majority of foundation problems is water. Wet soil beneath a foundation can swell or lose strength. And that’s only the first reason to keep the foundation dry. Then there’s the little problem of wet damp basements and crawl spaces that can breed mold and make below-ground interior spaces generally unpleasant.

The problem is that typical concrete is not waterproof. Although uncracked, it will typically keep out liquid water, water vapor can still penetrate quite easily. Keeping water drained away from concrete foundations and preventing it from moving through the concrete are essential to a successful structure.

Water-resistant concrete admixtures are not new—manufacturers like Cementaid have been marketing the technology for more than 30 years. But the technology is gaining popularity for nonresidential building applications as we look to reduce material and labor costs and compress project schedules!

Waterproofing Concrete Sealer

One of the most compelling reasons to use a concrete sealer is to help improve the water resistance of the slab. While many manufacturers and distributors claim their products will waterproof your concrete, there is actually no way to guarantee this. If you read about such a guarantee, the company is not being entirely honest with you. Certain products offer better odds of water resistance, but no product can absolutely guarantee that their product will entirely waterproof your concrete for life.

We provide you with the best sealers to make concrete in your buildings prone to water damage!

Once you ignore the grandiose claims of most companies, you can start to figure out which type of concrete sealer offers the best level of protection from water.

There are two types of sealers: topical and penetrating.

The topical sealers will leave a film on the surface of the concrete, but it will not give your concrete as much protection from water and other moisture. For one, water can seep into the material from underneath, traveling through the concrete to cause the protective films to bubble and flake. These surface sealers are more like raincoats for your concrete, offering only minimal protection.

The better option to improve water resistance would be the penetrating concrere sealers. Silanes, siloxanes, silane/siloxanes, siliconates and silicate/siliconates will all function to lock out water and other harmful moisture. Once your concrete is protected from excessive water damage, you don’t have to worry about problems like mold and mildew build-up, as well as the dampness and mustiness that can plague unprotected basements.

Increased water resistance also improves the structural integrity of the concrete, as water can leech from the material vital minerals crucial to its strength and durability. If water damage is something you want to prevent, you should use a penetrating sealer, which gives you the most comprehensive protection.

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