Cement Suppliers & Dealers in Pakistan

Wellcool.pk is one of the main Cement suppliers in Pakistan. It began way 10 years ago and from that point up till now, has advanced successfully and picked up the trust of many individuals around the world. It is driven by the necessities of its clients, investors, neighborhood groups and architects.

We extract resources from the core of the Earth breathing life into materials and utilizing them in the best possible manner. Thus, it has a magnificent reputation in the worldwide marketplace and subsequently it supplies cement to various clients located nationwide. Because of the excellent guidelines we keep up for our products we have picked up various prestigious international awards. We esteem our people including clients, workers, sellers and group individuals.

We endeavor to offer the best and friendliest client service to ensure satisfaction. We have the dedication, enthusiasm and innovation to supply the most astounding quality cement. We will give you the quality you require with the assistance of our innovation and our innovative team. At our organization, not only our representatives work for you, as well as our cement also does the same with its high quality. We supply a brilliant product  with the best client support around.

We will address your needs after meeting and having a conversation with you and talk about your issues for a particular job, making precisely what you require with our cement. We are utilizing the most recent mechanical ways in our assembling procedure with the goal that we may convey to our clients the most astounding quality product available. It starts with our crude material crushing system outlined with four autonomously controlled granulating rolls that enable us to focus on the correct fineness expected to create raw mix, which would then be able to be burnt productively and more than once to a correct specification.

Our core values are:

  • We will treat our workers, clients and providers with nobility and regard.
  • We have honesty in all that we do.
  • We will give a workplace established on collaboration, correspondence and cooperation.

Cement Manufacturing

Our Cement is produced from best quality crude materials utilizing dry process. Significant part of such raw materials comprises of Limestone and Clay. The crude materials are quarried, pounded and adjusted. After which they are blended in the right proportions to frame the best raw mix. This mix is then ground in Raw Mill and in this manner consumed in a rotating Kiln at a temperature around 1450 °C. The crude materials experience various complex synthetic responses in the consuming stage and leave the furnace as Clinker, comprising of mixture of clinker minerals. At last the clinker and gypsum (around 5 %) is ground further to a more refined powder called Cement in a Cement Mill.

The Company has been set up with the essential objective of creating and offering standard quality cement. The finest nature of cement is accessible for a wide range of clients whether for dams, trenches, modern structures, highways, business or private needs utilizing latest techniques in drying process and manufacturing process. We ought to accomplish our vision by keeping up superb product, tenacious pursuit for consumer loyalty, engaging our workers to lead cement industry and accomplish manufacturing brilliance, creating better returns than our stakeholders.

Our approach towards supplying and making cement

We are focused on making high quality cement that empowers our clients to fabricate solid and strong structures. also, to become the preferred choice of architects, manufacturers, and engineers. We utilize the finest nature of limestone alongside cutting edge innovation. We have been constantly dedicated to giving clients with proficient, flawless, productive and efficient solutions.

Our cement plants are all around famous for their high efficiencies, best quality creation and are all around kept up with annual generation of several million tons of cement. We enjoy our fame and take pride in what we are, being the best quality bond in the nation and getting involved in the development of mega projects in Pakistan like Dams, Residential Housing Societies, motorways, Bridges, Highways, Commercial and Industrial buildings and a heap of different structures requiring steady quality and time, playing our part in Pakistan’s financial growth and our personal satisfaction. We are growing our country’s  promising scope in the neighboring areas and countries. Thus, we have a reasonable vision for social duty towards the society in which it works.

The entire solution we provide to you with the center of dependable and proficient mineral preparing plans and ecological protection and energy saving techniques, influences us to stand up in each offer. With the cement plants found near their source of crude materials, we keep our cargo and transport costs low, giving it an edge over rivalry. More than 65 percent of the concrete utilization in Pakistan is taken into account by the retail fragment where marking and dispersion are the basic drivers for leadership. What’s more, it is in this that we appreciate an edge over our rivals. We are the main single unit concrete producer to effectively showcase our brands in center markets at costs comparable to those of the best rival brands. We appreciate a critical piece of the overall industry today. Our brands appreciate a high review among shoppers and consumers while our associations with our retailers are extremely solid and reliable.

Our Values

  • Clients

We tune in to our clients and enhance our product quality to meet their present and future needs.

  • People

Our prosperity relies on high performing individuals cooperating in a safe and solid workplace where decency, variety, improvement and collaboration are esteemed and perceived.

  • Accountability

We expect predominant execution and results. Our pioneers set clear objectives and desires, are steady, and provide and seek feedback.

  • Social and Moral Responsibility

We bolster the groups where we work together, hold ourselves to the most elevated norms of moral direct and environment responsibility, and discuss it openly with public and our representatives.