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Wellcool excels in professional detailing of vehicles. One should always start with proper surface preservation and protection when the vehicle is brand new. Your vehicle needs a lot of care. There are many professional detailing services that the factory or dealers simply can’t provide. So, why not ensure that your vehicle remains as beautiful as the day you bought it, and stays protected from the elements into the future?

We carry out some basic steps and services that one can perform, or that a professional and reputable detailer can perform for you, just to ensure that your brand new vehicle is in top shape, and properly protected from the elements. Therefore trust us to get the best car compound polish service done at minimal rates!

Need of Car Compound Polish

Today’s automotive finishes are complex and designed to look good for many years with minimal effort. However, a professional detailing can bring out the true beauty of your car’s finish – sometimes making it look even better than it did when it was new!

Most people assume that brand new cars are as good as it gets, and therefore no detailing or polishing work is required. This actually isn’t the case however, as new cars can benefit from a few crucial detailing products and services in order to start them out on the right foot so to speak.

Polish, Compound, Wax etc. These terms get thrown around a lot during discussions about car detailing. Often, they are used interchangeably without regard to their real meaning. However, they all have very distinct meanings and knowing how they differ can make a world of difference. Whether you have a show car or just want to have your daily car looking it’s best, learning about the detailing process will ensure that you are getting the most out of your time and money.

Keeping your car’s finish looking new doesn’t require a paycheck’s worth of equipment or a professional detail shop. Polishing a vehicle with a rotating wheel works by temporarily heating the paint’s clear coat until it softens into a viscous liquid that fills in and dissipates blemishes.

How we excel in Car Compound Polishing

We picture the painted surface of your car as a smooth, mirror like plane. Over time, dust, dirt, and other contaminants build up on that smooth surface. The process of washing this dirt and dust away causes the fine particles to act like sandpaper, scratching and digging grooves into the once smooth clear coat surface. As these fine scratches build up, the surface becomes dull and hazed. Therefore we use Paint correction to overcome these using specialized machines and polishing agents to slowly remove microscopic layers of clear coat to once again make the surface smooth and mirror like.

After this, we use buffing or polishing machine which is a handheld machine with a motorized spinning head. Foam or fiber pads are placed on the head and used to spread wax or polishing agents onto the painted surface.

We can also apply wax as makeup for your car, only on your demand, with some extra charges. Though it is often applied with a buffing or polishing machine, it is simply a coating which fills in the scratches – making them harder to see.

We carefully remove all the scratches on your car that give your car a worn out look and rather make it look “younger!”

Removing the scratches requires the slow removal of microscopic layers of clear coat to, once again, level out the surface. Compounding agents or leveling agents are specifically formulated liquids that, when added to the rotating pad of a buffing or polishing machine, act as extremely fine grit sandpaper to slowly shave down the clear coat surface.

Once the compounding agents have done the heavy lifting, a polish is then used to remove any final haze and add to the depth and clarity of the finished surface. Think of polish as an even finer grit sandpaper that is used to fine tune the newly leveled surface, revealing a beautiful, highly polished surface.

Ensured Protection

Thus we use special tools for polishing your car, preceded by a thorough washing and claybar surface preparation to remove any surface contaminants. Any contaminants left on the surface can be picked up by the buffing agents and act like sandpaper – easily ruining a good deal of hard work.

Once the polishes stage is done and a careful inspection is carried out to make sure the body is 100% swirl free. Wax, sealant or coatings can be applied. Most sealants can be applied by hand or by DA. Using dual action polisher it assures that even coverage is achieved. For the tight areas where the machine can’t reach (vents, door jambs, under mirrors), simply apply it by hand.

The wheels take a lot of abuse with brake dust, so in order to protect them and to make the cleaning process easier, we seal them up and keep after them even more frequently than we do the rest of the car. There are a lot of great product choices for this task that are all relatively easy to use.

This process can take about 6 – 8 hours to do, and it is well worth the effort. After getting your car polished by us, it will all help to keep new car looking its best for much longer.

Now that the brand new car is properly detailed and protected from the elements, just go out and enjoy it!

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