Bricks Suppliers & Dealers in Pakistan

In case you are looking for the best Bricks Suppliers & Dealers in Pakistan, you don’t need to search more, as we are here for you, providing the best quality bricks to you!

We highly esteem having the capacity to enable you to choose the correct brick for your project at the perfect cost and after that providing it to you at the decided time! We have manufactured our reputation on 2 key standards, offering the best, most proficient services in the business and offering the most extensive scope of bricks accessible in Lahore.

Who we are

Well Cool is the market leading provider of confronting bricks, material tiles and architectural masonry to the construction business. We’ve been providing high quality materials in both private and business sectors, contractors, engineers and manufacturers for more than ten years.

We are focused on conveying the best esteem building materials effectively, to guarantee projects are finished inside the fixed time constraint. Our immense development industry experience, abilities and specialized mastery makes us unique. We give quality take off and brick supplying services for clients. We have terminals situated in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan. Regardless of whether you’re checking or purchasing bricks, tiles, design, we will have the capacity to convey the materials you require rapidly and productively.

In any case, with business accomplices and providers based all over Pakistan, if local materials are not reasonable, we can source a practically endless variety of choices. Regardless of the size, shading or style of your wanted brick material, we can give precisely what you’re looking to, additionally providing all the building and roofing materials you would ever require.

Our approach

We have a broad interesting item portfolio and our pro group are in collaboration with us to help choose the ideal item. We have a national system of experienced sales delegates available to meet you and examine your items and your project in detail.

We can arrange tests from our bespoke sample distribution centre to help with your item choice process. We comprehend the significance in choosing the perfect item and our broad portfolio shows products utilized all across Lahore. Our distribution centre empowers us to guarantee an effectiveness in distribution across the country. Architects, house-developers, dealers or self manufacturers, each request gets immediate consideration.

Regardless of whether you are remodeling a private property, building a private living arrangement or business plot, our client service team will give you services that you can rely on. We are committed to providing manufacturers,  dealers all across Pakistan with the best bricks ever, and have an established and firm reputation in market for our deep-down analysis, perfect expertise, knowledge and the most dynamic customer service.

Our proficient team

Our professional team has a far-reaching comprehension of the brick market that works to benefit our longstanding services and relations with manufacturers, traders and brick-dealers. Regardless of whether you’re redesigning your indoor chimney or planning a substantial yard, our staff is here to make your job more appealing and easier.

We have the stock and knowledge to suit any kind of technical innovation or some idea. We’re additionally ready to stack your vehicle or organize to have all the bricks conveyed to you on time.

The proficiency of our staff is unrivaled in the business with a complete knowledge of bricks created these days, joined with a comprehension of the best accessible matches to bricks delivered in the course of recent years. We have involvement of assisting with the choice and afterward providing bricks to a range of various sectors incorporating house builders with current projects nearby.

Also, in case you require any kind of help, we’re keen to prescribe a few unique organizations who we’ve worked with that can help you with finishing and installation. It is our objective to be viewed as the pioneer and best bricks manufacturers in the market and to make Well Cool an organization that our clients are certain to prescribe and refer to their partners and associates. We are a family-claimed organization and are here to offer assistance to you when it comes to supply of high quality bricks!

Our services

Brick Matching Service

To make use and benefit from our latest brick coordinating and matching service, you should simply email us two or three photographs and we’ll do the rest! Also sending experienced brick experts to see the building in order to locate the most ideal match, we are likewise ready to source local and specialty bricks from all across Pakistan

Quantity Take-off Service

We can give an entire take off service for our customers. We give estimations and precisely assessed amounts as a major aspect of the package, and can likewise foresee a specific project’s use and endeavor to hold fast to a particular spending plan required. The specifics are bespoke to every specific customer, so you’ll be ensured to avail a quantity take off service that is particularly customized according to your necessities.

Our Knowledge and Professionalism

Our insight into the brick market is often utilized by Architects and Specifiers to help with selection of the right brick for their task. Be it help with arranging plans, cost effective choices, bricks with particular specialized properties or simply giving them an extensive variety of choices, we are always present for providing our services to you.

Our expertise has helped us make long-term supply relations with contractors all through the nation. We don’t limit our insight to real projects. We offer a similar level of ability and administration to every one of our clients whether it’s 1 brick or several bricks, we can offer help yo you. This has been a pro-guidance and supply benefit offered to modelers, house-manufacturers, general development contractors, general contractual workers, and Government workers, for example, nearby local Councils.

Thus, we have supply understanding setup with all the significant Lahore brick manufacturers, which permits us access to practically every brick that is monetarily accessible all through Lahore. In the present supply market, there are a lot of fantastic brick-makers who create confronting bricks particularly for the Lahore market, guaranteeing adjustment to the most recent generation of bricks, quality, and size standards.